The Devil's Advocate - Taylor Hackford

Posted by Liam Butler
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The Devil's Advocate - Taylor Hackford
Taylor Hackford - The Devil's Advocate  artwork

The Devil's Advocate

Taylor Hackford

Genre: Thriller

Price: $7.99

Rental Price: $2.99

Release Date: January 1, 1998

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Florida lawyer Kevin Lomax (Reeves--The Matrix films) brilliantly defends his guilty clients. Handpicked by John Milton (Pacino--Scent of a Woman, The Godfather films), the most powerful and feared attorney in New York, Kevin leaves his Southern roots, joining an exotic world of luxury cars, unlimited expense accounts and penthouse apartments. But his heavenly new career soon turns into hell as Milton's lure of limitless wealth, sex and fame spins out of control. As the line between fantasy and reality blurs, Kevin no longer sees his employer as just a smooth-talking businessman, but as someone much more ominous. Now, Trapped in an underworld of depravity and greed, can Kevin stop a demonic plan to spread evil well beyond the courtroom?

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